8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Combatting Major Supply Chain Disruption

8:10 am Kickstarting Candid Conversations Regarding Price Instability Between Owners & Contractors for Full Transparency Over Project Risk


  • Educating owners on the realities of market instability and what that means for the early budgeting and estimating on their projects
  • Revealing the common pushbacks by clients on price escalations and how contractors are confronting the realities and options open to the team to solve price sensitivity
  • How to input effective communication checkpoints throughout the project timeline to keep both parties informed

8:50 am Panel: Benchmarking Different Approaches to Overcoming Longer Material Lead Times


  • Assessing the materials that have been most impacted by current disruption to the supply chain and how that is impacting projects
  • Rethinking schedules to accommodate longer lead times for certain materials yet stay on track for project completion
  • Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of bulk buying vs JIT delivery and how this has worked for teams during the pandemic

9:30 am The Complete Warehouse: How to Source an End-to-End Solutions Provider

  • Eric Andres National Sales Manager, Nucor Warehouse Systems
  • Kim Olson PE (CO), Manager of Technical Initiatives – Construction Solutions, Nucor


  • Today’s supply chain is continually running to keep up with consumer demand and warehouse space is facing shortages like never before.
  • Nucor’s Construction Services solutions along with Hannibal’s national rack manufacturing delivers best-in-class resources for any warehouse building project.
  • The presentation will show how owning the manufacturing and recycling processes help keep the complete warehouse landscape moving forward.

9:40 am
Morning Refreshments

10:20 am Revealing Economic Forecasts for Material Cost & Availability in the Coming Months & How This Will Impact Your Projects


  • Analyzing labor, materials and demand as causes of inflation: How does inflation affect your business and estimates?
  • Understanding the many types of inflation indices and how using the wrong one could impact your fee
  • Reviewing the current state of material costs, labor availability, tariffs, business volume, and how to avoid oversights in forecasting to ensure you stay in control of your business opportunities

Addressing the Labor Shortage

11:00 am Audience Discussion: Discussing Ways to Encourage More Skilled Professionals to Specialize In This Market


  • Determining when turning to an alternative is the best option: What alternative material options have been successfully used on projects to maintain quality and reasonable costs during a time of crisis?
  • Deciding what the best alternative is and whether it will meet the needs of your client
  • Starting conversations with clients to help them understand why alternative materials are the best option

11:40 am Maximizing Opportunities for Prefabrication To Further Accelerate Project Timelines & Complete Work With Less Resource


  • Uniting Project Management and Shop Leaders to create a plan to maximize the amount of work moved offsite and accelerate project delivery as a result
  • Establishing tight communication from preconstruction to shop to field to stay on track and continuously review opportunities for project savings
  • Harnessing advanced site mapping tools to accelerate prefab installation project site is an extension of the factory assembly line

12:20 pm Lunch Break

Exploring the Future of Industrial Facilities

1:20 pm Case Study: Revealing Lessons Learned From ‘Building-up’ With Cold- Storage Facilities

  • Kate Lyle Director of Industrial Cold & Food, Ware Malcomb


  • Discussing the drivers for building high-cube facilities and the alternative options for design and structural systems to meet client expectations
  • Taking lessons learned from the envelope design on cold-storage projects to inform design of more energy efficient buildings
  • Exploring how new fire suppression technologies are being used to prevent costly accidents occurring with in-rack sprinklers: How can these systems also benefit other industries?

2:00 pm Audience Discussion: Discussing the Future of Automation to Create Smarter Distribution Facilities


  • What are the tools and equipment that is transforming distribution operations and are most desirable for clients for different types of facilities?
  • Discussing the increased amount of automation being adopted and what this means for the skills required in project teams to fulfil this vision
  • Exploring the future of automated systems in distribution and fulfilment and the technologies on the horizon that are the most exciting for clients today

2:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

2:50 pm End of Conference