About Event

1000s of contractors, clients and design firms attend the Advancing Construction series each year, with 83% of ENR Top 100 contractors having attended our events. Having collaborated with these attendees and peers in recent months, we’re excited to bring to you the inaugural Advancing Warehouse & Distribution Center Construction conference – the industry’s only dedicated forum to innovating the way that these facilities are designed and delivered.

Every topic on the agenda has been qualified through in-depth industry research to ensure that you stay at the forefront of the brand-new advancements and processes to enhance warehouse construction.

Join us this May in Chicago to benchmark best practices for design, supply chain disruption, and cross-team collaboration, to enhance project delivery of warehouse and distribution centers that exceed client expectations.

Highlights for 2022 include:

  • Combat Supply Chain Disruption & Market Instability: Discover the most pioneering methodologies, tools and techniques being leveraged to provide greater stability, improve efficiency and productivity, and increase collaboration and coordination.
  • Find Your Next Project Partner: Through our dedicated networking sessions, panel discussions, and breakouts throughout the two days, you’ll have the opportunity the connect with dozens of the most influential people in the world of industrial facilities, to kickstart new relationships and collaborations.
  • Learn From New Case Studies: Listen to individual case studies on how teams are driving their facilities into the future – from building up, to leveraging large-scale prefabrication, to retrofitting alternative facilities – and discover how you can bring these new and creative solutions to your projects in 2022 and beyond.
  • Get Ahead of Future Trends: What do clients want? What are the key drivers of change? What more can you do to combat labor and materials shortages? – Join us to discuss the future of automation, sustainability, alternative materials and methodologies and more!


Benchmark with fellow clients on how they are achieving higher-spec, automated, sustainable facilities. Learn from focused sessions on improving impacts to your desired outcome, by improving problems such as site selection and land scarcity, as well as facing the reality of driving down costs and price instability with your contractors.


Hear from fellow contractors on how they are overcoming supply chain disruption and increasing client demands, how they are applying creative and innovative solutions to roadblocks in supply chains, and improving relationships with other actors to remain on time and on budget for every project.


Harness the opportunity to talk to other specialized designers and construction professionals, to understand how you can optimize your work from the very start of your project timeline. Expect to hear from focused topics such as overcoming regulatory issues, as well as improving methods to communicate with owners and contractors to achieve projects you designed to the specification.